Website Design

Hendricks & Carr designs and builds fully functional, stunning websites to fit almost any budget. While years ago it was considered imperative just to have a website, nowadays customers expect to find company websites that are interactive, socially connected, and mobile.  We design all of our websites with this in mind.  All websites built by Hendricks & Carr use WordPress as the foundation.

Why WordPress?

We use WordPress at the core of all websites we construct due to it’s easy-to-use content management system(CMS), dynamic functionality options, and built-in search engine optimization (SEO).  WordPress’s content management system was the primary reason we began using it.  After many meetings with clients wanting new websites, many just wanted the ability to make changes and updates themselves without having to contact the original designer.  Even worse, sometimes the original designer of the website was either unresponsive or all together unavailable!

We looked at many content management systems and ultimately settled on WordPress because it was just so easy for clients to use.  Many of our clients remark how simple it is to make changes to their websites, and we love giving them the autonomy they need when controlling their sites!

Content Management System (CMS)

There’s a lot you can do with the powerful CMS from WordPress. You can add, remove, or change text in just a few clicks, add photos to a gallery, add pages to your website, change your menu, and much more. WordPress also comes equipped with a powerful blogging tool. Stay connected with your customers by constantly updating and adapting your website from anywhere!