Positioning Your Company for Success

Marketing is often confused for advertising and the other way around.  Both are key to your business’s success and both are tricky ventures that require a professional touch.  In the simplest terms, marketing is the master plan and marketing is a tool in implementing part of the plan.  More precisely, marketing is the process of bringing your product or service together with people that want or need that product or service in a way that is mutually beneficial.  Marketing includes product pricing, product placement, market research, media planning, sales strategy, and much much more.

Hendricks & Carr can help you develop a marketing plan for your product or service!  Our first step here is to meet with you and learn about your business.  During this meeting we attempt to understand everything we need to know about your business in its current state and then work with you to establish concrete goals.  Once these goals are in place we set out developing a marketing plan to achieve those goals.

Our marketing plans are custom to each company and include recommendations and possible media mixes designed to achieve stated goals.