The Right Mix, The Right Message

Media Planning Choosing the Right Media

Many times the most difficult part of advertising your business is deciding which media to use.  Every media has its strengths and weaknesses so the name of the game is finding the one (or many) that best reaches your target demographic.  Hendricks  & Carr will help you determine which media outlet is the best fit for you and your budget.

Media Purchasing The Best Advertising Schedule

Hendricks & Carr will act as the purchasing agent for your advertising media. Not only will we facilitate the purchase between your company and the media provider, we will negotiate the best price possible. Hendricks & Carr will purchase a schedule designed for maximum impact in the market area and negotiate for added value.

Creative Campaigns A Message That Will be Heard

With the average person receiving over 5,000 advertising messages every day, it’s hard work standing out from the crowd.  Hendricks & Carr specializes in creating creative media campaigns that are designed to grab attention and illicit buying decisions.  This includes concepts for print, radio, television, internet, and more.  We can design short term creative campaigns that are designed to be high impact with quick response, or long term campaigns that are designed to build lasting brand loyalty.

Media Production Bringing the Concept to Life

Whether it’s your creative concept or ours, let Hendricks & Carr bring it to fruition with professional grade production.  We work with trusted vendors to produce high quality radio spots, television commercials, promotional videos, and more.